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Khoa (from US): "I would like to give you tremendous thanks for being the open door for the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom. Through the book I see Maitreya as an incredible teacher. ..."


Holly (from US) about The Jesus Koans, This book is highly recommended if you're toying around with the concept of thinking outside the box of religiosity...


Gabe (from US) about Question Every Thing, This is one of the best books I have ever read next to Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth...


Scott (from US) about Master keys to the Abundant Life. The reading of the book alone was an uplifting experience, and the practice of giving the rosaries was even more intense and rewarding. ... 


Ardena (from Wisconsin): "I cannot put my gratitude into words. I am in awe of what I know and how I have changed..."


Ruth (from Arkansas): "Healing Mother Earth is a contribution to the effort to raise and shift humanity's collective awareness, and indeed, just reading the book is guaranteed to raise your individual consciousness. ...." 


Seeing the skull and the rose with naked awareness
PadmaSambhava, November 27, 2011.

John (from US) about Question Every Thing: "...funny, entertaining, enlightening and transformative...."


Glenn (from FL) about Save Yourself!: ".... I don't own any other book with so much highlighting in it.."


Ryan (from Chicago) about The Jesus Koans: "I was entertained by this great little book. I had a good time picking a selection at random and letting it soak in for a while. ...."


Steve (from Chicago) about Unmasking the Ego:"... As they say, knowledge is power, and this book will empower you to rise above the separate sense of self to help you become who you be all you can be - ego free!"


Matthew (from the US), "I am reading his Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom". Very interesting book. Opens a lot of untouched doors..."


Barbara (from California) about Healing Mother Earth, I keep re-reading it because it is so good, but finally got to the elementals. Wow, I think I finally understand about the fire, air,water and earth! ...


Steve (from Chicago) about Healing Mother Earth, One of the most enlightening books I have ever read :)



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