How to Communicate from the Heart

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by Kim Michaels

... is a book that addresses all the main areas in communication and relationships. 

CommunicateHeartIn all human relationships communication is the biggest block to peace and cooperation. Unfortunately, most communication happens at a level where superficial human perceptions create conflict and disharmony. 

The mystical teachings revealed in this book by the ascended masters help you develop a higher form of communication.

You will learn how create peace and harmony within our own soul and mind, connect to your higher self and use the seven spiritual energies. The connection with your higher self opens the gates for communication from the heart, and this will help you heal both your own psyche and your relationships.

Through its unique combination of teachings and practical exercises, this book will help you boost your communication skills beyond the perceptions of the ego. You will learn:

-How to respect the free will of others and yourself

-How to give with wisdom

-How to let unconditional love flow through you

-How to purify your intentions

-How to avoid control games and manipulations

-How to serve others from a state of peace

Available as printed book and Kindle book


How to find true freedom in your relationships

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