Download the 3 new invocations now as an EBOOK!

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In December the ascended masters  are asking us to give a vigil with the three new invocations:

 Balancing the Seven Rays

 Integrating the Seven Rays

 Expressing the Seven Rays

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Give all three invocations once a day if possible. 

To celebrate the beginning of the Christmas month - December and to express our deepest gratitude for all those people who have participated in World vigil during 2012, we give you an ebook with the text of the invocations for FREE. Download it here! 

If you prefer to give invocations along with the recordings, you can buy the audio recordings here

During this month it is recommended to  give the decree to Astrea at least 9 times per day and give any of the decrees to the seven rays or to the Maha Chohan as many times as you like. Select the decree that you prefer based on your experience with the previous decree vigils.

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