Invocations 01: Protection and Clearance

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A good package for those who are new to invoking light or for those who want a comprehensive package for daily protection, clearance and transmutation. Invocations and decrees to Archangel Michael for protection, Elohim Astrea for cutting you free from limiting conditions and Saint Germain for invoking the violet flame to transmute all imperfect energies.

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Invocation: Archangel Michael, Protect Me
Archangel Michael is the primary ascended master that you call to in order to invoke spiritual protection. This invocation invokes his Blue Flame of Protection and directs it into most aspects of your life.

Invocation: Astrea, Cut Me free
Astrea is the Elohim of the Fourth Ray and her Circle and Sword of blue-white fire are extremely efficient for cutting you free from limiting conditions. This invocation directs Astrea’s fire into cutting you free from the most common limiting conditions.

Invocation: Saint Germain, Transmute It All
The violet flame is the most efficient spiritual energy for transmuting all forms of lower energies. Saint Germain has sponsored the release of the knowledge of the violet flame for earth. This invocation directs the violet flame into the most common conditions that limit you.

1.02 Decree to Archangel Michael (9X)

4.01 Decree to Elohim Astrea and Purity (9X)

7.02 Decree to Archangel Zadkiel (9X)

Ebook (epub format)


Format: 6 downloadable mp3 files

Read by Kim Michaels

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