Cosmology of Evil

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Series name: Making Evil Visible

The origin of evil has remained a mystery for millennia, often baffling thinkers, philosophers and theologians. They have lacked the cosmological perspective that we can only get from our universal spiritual teachers, the ascended masters.

This book reveals with great clarity how evil originated as a state of consciousness that became embodied by beings who rebelled against the upward movement of the cosmos. These fallen beings or fallen angels became convinced that it was their role to prove God wrong by controlling or destroying human beings.

Without understanding the misguided “logic” of the fallen consciousness, it becomes impossible to explain the monstrous examples of evil seen on this planet, from Hitler, Stalin and Mao to serial killers, criminals and psychopaths. More importantly, it is impossible to explain why some claim to be doing good but are driven by a hidden agenda. You will learn:

• Why evil has been able to hide itself from us for so long

• Why fallen beings have no empathy or kinship with human beings but see us as cattle that can be milked for energy

• Why fallen beings are so hellbent on destroying us that they will destroy themselves rather than admit they are wrong

• How fallen beings seek to control us through our actions, emotions, thoughts and sense of identity

• The types of evil forces found in the four octaves of the material world

• How we have a built-in safety mechanism that can empower us to escape the influence of evil forces

• How you can help remove evil from earth

The book also contains two new invocations for clearing the physical and the emotional octaves


Format: 5.25 x 8 in softcover black-white interior book

pages: 324

weight 0.82 lb or 0.37 kg

ISBN: 978-87-93297-02-9

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