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E-BOOK: The Gospel for Busy People

€ 1.25

Have you ever wanted to read the four gospels of the New Testament, but never found the time?

Or have you started but got stuck because several of the gospels repeat the same stories?

The idea behind this book is very simple: to make it easier for people to read the four gospels and thereby get to know Jesus and his teachings. The book takes the King James version and eliminates all repetition. When two or more gospels contain the same story, only the most detailed one is retained. To make it even easier to get an overview of Jesus' life and teachings, the book is organized into sections, such as what happened before Jesus started his mission, events during his mission, Jesus' miracles, Jesus' crucifixion and ascension, Jesus general teachings and his more esoteric teachings.

This book makes it both easy and enjoyable to read about Jesus' life, and by eliminating redundancy it also gives the reader a much clearer picture of Jesus' amazing teachings.

ISBN 978-9949-21-724-3

Format EPUB (Please make sure that you have an ebook reading software installed - Adobe Digitals or similar to open the file)


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