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EBOOK: Flowing with the River of Life

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Flowing with the River of Life. A Practical Guide to restoring your Creative Powers (ebook) by Kim Michaels

Flowing with the River of Life outlines a basic map for your own personal journey, under the guidance of the eight Chohans, towards restoring your Creative Powers.

From the universal spiritual teachers of humankind comes an amazing teaching on how we create through energy, but how we endow everything we create with consciousness. The effect is that during our spiritual journey on earth we create spirits, who have no self-awareness but still a survival instinct. In their drive for self-preservation, the spirits we have created can prevent us from escaping old patterns or rising out of the death consciousness.

You will be given a very practical guidance on how to overcome the influence of the death consciousness and take your path to the point, where you begin to lock in to the stillness behind the babbling of the ego. This teaching helps you rise above the collective struggle and flow with the creative energies of the Holy Spirit or the River of Life.

The book also contains a practical exercise for learning how to make more conscious use of the creative energies of the seven spiritual rays. You will be invited to attend the spiritual retreats of the Chohans, who are the teachers of the seven rays.

Even experienced spiritual seekers will find plenty of new teachings in this book, yet those new to the path will find the  book easy to read and understand. The teachings on how we co-create by creating spirits cannot be found anywhere else and opens up unique perspectives for speeding up your spiritual growth. It will empower you to leave behind old habits much faster, and it will help you avoid patterns that drain your energy and lead nowhere, because they are caused by spirits warring with other spirits.

NOTE: To get the maximum results out of the teachings given in Flowing with the River of Life, buy the Exercise book that contains four unique invocations (not published anywhere else) that are based on the teachings presented by the Maha Chohan. The exercise book also contains all decrees for invoking the light of all seven rays plus the description of a seven-month vigil designed to unlock your creative powers and give you an intuitive connection with the seven Chohans.

Read the Sample chapters here.

Ebook ISBN 978-9949-518-03-6

Series ISBN: 978-9949-9383-6-0

This book is vol 2 in the series "The Path to Self-mastery"

Format EPUB (Please make sure that you have an ebook reading software installed - Adobe Digitals or similar to open the file)

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