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EBOOK: Don't Drink Your Own Kool-Aid Second Edition

€ 8.74

NOTE: This expanded second edition contains all of the material from the first edition, plus the following extra material:

– Foreword by Moira Prophet Siskind, daughter of Elizabeth Clare Prophet

– Foreword by Tatiana Prophet, daughter of Elizabeth Clare Prophet

– Foreword by Dr. Richard Bartlett, personal physician of Elizabeth Clare Prophet

– Two short dictations by Guru Ma

– "To My Students, Past, Present and Future," a dictation by Guru Ma

– An invocation for attuning to the Ascended Master Guru Ma

– A decree to Guru Ma

A must for sincere spiritual seekers.

No other book goes into such depth concerning the 
psychological aspects of walking the spiritual path, using (not abusing) a guru and winning your ascension.

This profound and personal teaching is a gift from the Ascended Master Guru Ma, who in her last embodiment was a public figure. Her name was Elizabeth Clare Prophet and she was the head of a world-wide spiritual movement and the author of many books. 

Moira Prophet Siskind: My sister Tatiana and I have each chosen to embrace this book and the teachings of the ascended masters coming through Kim Michaels after experiencing deep personal connection with the material. We can feel this way in loving respect and gratitude for the teachings of the ascended masters as brought through our parents in their lifetimes.                                           

Tatiana Prophet:
 This book resonates with me not only because I recognize my mother’s voice in it, but because it addresses many concepts I have often contemplated . . . This book left me with a wonderful, buoyant sense of comfort—a buoyancy I once felt as a child . . . It has the makings of a best-seller in the spiritual self-help category and will likely become a classic among serious spiritual seekers.


Dr. Richard Bartlett: Within the first chapter I knew, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this book was indeed dictated by my very own Beloved Elizabeth! The tears flowed unrestrictedly down my face as I wept with gratitude.  


You can read a transcript of the Radio Show with Moira Prophet Siskind and Tatiana Prophet here.

You can read a transcript of the Radio Show with Dr. Richard Bartlett here.

You can read a transcript of the original radio show about the book here.


Printed book: 418 pages

ISBN: 978-87-93297-15-9

The Kindle edition of Don't Drink Your Own Kool-Aid is available in the Kindle store.


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