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EBOOK: Your Life's Plan for Abundance (A Course in Abundance)

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NOTE: A Course in Abundance is a new, expanded edition of Master Keys to the Abundant Life. It contains all 24 discourses from the original (8 in each book) plus 24 new invocations (8 in each book). Giving the invocations along with studying the discourses helps you integrate and apply the teachings much more effectively, producing greater results. It is published as three books because the entire course is 1150 pages.

This is the third in a three-volume course. It is highly recommend that you start by using the first book, Mind Over Matter,  and then move on to volume 2 and 3.

The three books in this series form a most profound and comprehensive course on mystical or spiritual psychology. The unique combination of teachings and practical exercises gives you everything you need in order to change your life and manifest greater abundance. 

A Course in Abundance is released as direct revelation from the ascended master Mother Mary. Her warm, personal and nurturing guidance shows you how to truly manifest the abundant life, both spiritually and materially. In this book you will learn:

• How to increase the creative power of your mind and free it from the limitations of the physical brain 

• How to overcome the return current of your past choices, or your karma 

• How to transform the emotional energy that makes it painful to look at your past 

• How to undo the habit patterns from the past that take over your reactions 

• How to reconnect to the love that brought you into embodiment on earth 

• How to tune in to your life’s plan and get inner direction from your spiritual teachers 

• How to use all four levels of your mind in your efforts to manifest abundance 

• How to start flowing with the creative force of life itself instead of resisting the flow


ISBN: 978-9949-518-60-9

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