Healing Mother Earth (Audio Book)

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Healing Mother Earth (Audio Book) by Kim Michaels

NOTE: These are 30 downloadable mp3 files that you can then transfer to an mp3 player or burn an mp3 CD.

The book consists of the original 30 dictations by Mother Mary, the seven chohans and Gautama Buddha. Note that the tempo is a bit slower than for a normal audio book.

For any student of spiritual teachings, this book will be an instant classic. It deals with one of the most important issues of our time, namely the relationship between human beings and the planet upon which we live. In reality, we are spiritual beings and our consciousness is connected to the quantum waveform of the planet. Thus, we are co-creating the reality we face, both in society and in the so-called natural environment.

The book explains the 144 levels of consciousness possible on planet earth and how each problem seen in society is caused by people trapped at a certain level of consciousness. This gives an entirely new view of history, including “man’s inhumanity to man.” You will learn how spiritual people can play a major role in raising the collective consciousness, so that certain problems are simply transcended.

The book is a direct revelation from humankind’s spiritual teachers, including the Divine Mother, the Buddha and the Chohans of each of the spiritual rays. These ego-free teachers explain how we can each play a role in raising the collective consciousness and bringing society closer to a Golden Age. This will help us transcend current environmental problems by developing a new form of technology that is not force-based. It will also help us transcend all other problems by coming to understand the true potential of our minds, namely that the mind has power over matter. In fact, planet earth is a laboratory for teaching us the true power of the mind.

Format: 30 downloadable mp3 files

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