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Printed Books

NOTE to customers in Australia: We have a special offer that allows you to purchase printed books directly from our distributor in Australia. This can give you a lower price on the books and you also save on shipping. Only limited numbers of books are available.

To find out which books are available and the cost, please email: Paul Vella:

A Spiritual Clearance for Amer...

€ 27.50
A powerful tool for spiritual people to call forth changes in Washington, D.C.

Spiritual Solutions to America...

€ 40.00
Deep analysis and practical tools for spiritual people to create changes in American society.

The Mystical Initiations of Fr...

€ 31.25
Learn how to manifest harmony between your spiritual and practical life and how to receive ideas directly from Saint Germain

Healing Your Spiritual Traumas

€ 41.25
Learn how to heal your deepest spiritual traumas.

The Mystical Initiations of Pe...

€ 28.69
Learn how to attain freedom from perfectionism, blame and escapism.

My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, ...

€ 41.25
An astonishing, moving and engaging story of one person’s journey through the pivotal events of world history.

The Mystical Initiations of Vi...

€ 28.69
Learn how to purify your vision and see beyond the matter screen

Manifesting Saint Germain'...

€ 34.99
This book gives you the insights and the practical tools you need in order to make a contribution to manifesting the Golden Age of Saint Germain—right from your living room.

Envisioning Saint Germain'...

€ 33.74
For spiritual seekers who know about Saint Germain and his plans for a Golden Age, this book contains new teachings and powerful tools for grasping the vision of Saint Germain.

Help People Overcome the Past

€ 31.24
A very powerful tool for helping yourself, groups of people, nations and the world overcome the prison of the past.

Help Saint Germain Stop Povert...

€ 28.74
If you are concerned about the issue of poverty and open to a spiritual solution, this book gives you powerful knowledge and practical tools for making an effort to eradicate the consciousness behind poverty.

The Mystical Initiations of In...

€ 26.19
Learn how to purify your intentions from fear and discover your original motivation for coming to earth

Help the Ascended Masters Stop...

€ 31.24
Direct revelation from Mother Mary about the spiritual causes of war with 13 invocations for stopping war.

Warrior of Peace

€ 18.69
The inspiring story of how a young man goes to war and is wounded in body and soul, but finds his way back to peace with the help of a spiritual master.

How You Can Help Change the Wo...

€ 24.94
A deeply inspiring book that will empower you to fulfill your inner longing to make a positive difference on this planet.

The Mystical Initiations of Lo...

€ 26.19
A spiritual perspective on how to improve any relationship by mastering the mystical initiations of love.

Books on evil - Printed Books ...

€ 31.25
This bundle contains the two books about the origin of evil for one great price.

Cosmology of Evil

€ 19.94
A clear and concise teaching about the cosmic origin of evil, based on the teachings given by the ascended masters.

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