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E-BOOK: The Art of Non-War

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 Have heard about or read the classical book by Sun Tzu, called The Art of War? If so, this book will prove far more thought-provoking than the original. The book turns Sun Tzu upon his head and shows how The Art of War is based on a specific form of thinking that can never fulfill your true, long-term goals. Instead, it will keep you trapped in a dualistic struggle that will eventually exhaust you and leave you empty. 

What is the alternative to the dualistic struggle? It is to understand the characteristics and limitations of the dualistic mind, so that you can transcend this form of thinking and reconnect to your own higher being. Only then will you know what you truly desire in life and only then will you find true fulfillment and inner peace.

The book takes the original verses from the Art of Non-war and comments on them, for each showing the limitations of dualistic thinking. Yet The Art of Non-war also goes far beyond by giving a clearer and more accessible explanation of duality and non-duality than can be found anywhere else.

This book is primarily about how you can find personal, inner peace, but by demonstrating the way beyond the dualistic struggle – the cause of all war – the book also makes a profound contribution to the debate about world peace. After reading this book, it will become clear why there can be no world peace until a critical mass of people understand the dualistic mindset and how it distorts every aspect of society. And this can then turn you into a true ambassador to peace, as you will be empowered to expose this mindset wherever you encounter it.

The Art of Non-war is truly an example of classical philosophy expressed in the straightforward and clear language that appeals to modern people. It is a modern classic.

ISBN 978-9949-21-519-5


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