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SAMPLE of the Flowing with the River of Life Exercise Book. A Guide to transcending the Death Consciousness  by Kim Michaels

The Flowing with the River of Life Exercise Book is the companion to "Flowing With the River of Life" 

and contains four unique invocations based on the teachings by the Maha Chohan. 

The invocations are designed to help you accomplish the following:

  1. Rise above the death consciousness,  
  2. Attain freedom from aggressive spirits seeking to influence you,
  3. Expose the spirit in your own being that is holding you back right now,
  4. Help you let go of spirits in your own being.

This book also contains abbreviated teachings on the death consciousness and how you create and transcend spirits. 

Part two of the book contains all of the decrees you use in the seven-month vigil to the spiritual rays. This vigil is designed to help you become familiar with the creative energies of the seven rays and thus unlock your creative potential. You will also find short descriptions of the pure qualities and the perversions of each ray.

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