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The Power of Self. A Practical Guide to knowing the Self by Kim Michaels

The Path to Self-mastery, Vol 1

An inspiring and insightful guide to solving your problems or changing your life by using the creative powers you already have, the Power of Self. The key to unlocking your creative power is to know the self, its origin and components.

Achieving self-mastery has been an enigmatic quest for humankind for eons. Yet, a few masters have solved the riddle and completed the Path to enlightenment. The Power of Self outlines the secrets and principles that these masters have taught about the human mind.

The author guides and inspires, making it easy to see how to unlock the infinite potential of your real Self. He also gives practical advice about how this time-honored wisdom can be applied to daily life.

   The spiritual masters offer a path of self-mastery, whereby we can gradually attain control over our reactions to the situations we encounter in the material world. Instead of going through life in an unaware way, we can purify the mind from all limitations until we can meet life with a higher form of awareness. 

   The human mind works like a kaleidoscope. When you rotate the tube, the glass pieces – the ideas and beliefs that we have in our conscious and subconscious minds – are rearranged and form various color patterns, which then becomes our conscious Life Experience of the situation. 

   The path to Self-mastery is a process, whereby we gradually cleanse the mind from all of the limited ideas, beliefs, paradigms and assumptions that spring from the material world. We gradually throw out some of the colored glass pieces, and one day we will see the light entering the mind without having it colored at all.     The real key to unlocking the power of self is not to find some kind of magical formula that forces the light. The key is to empty your mind of the elements in the human kaleidoscope that block the flow of light.

This book gives you both the knowledge and the practical tools to master the Self.


The ebook has 23 color illustrations.


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Ebook ISBN: 978-9949-9383-7-7

Series ISBN: 978-9949-9383-6-0

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