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Personal Invocations packages

Recordings of the personal invocations listed on Transcendence Toolbox.

In order to offer you a better price per invocation, the recordings are sold as packages that contain recordings of several invocations and rosaries. The recordings are performed by Kim Michaels who has over 30 years of experience of invoking spiritual light. Through his mantle of messenger, Kim is being used by the ascended masters to transfer light through the recordings.

Each package also contains an Ebook (epub format) with the text of the invocations and decrees in the package.

Invocations 03: Guidance

€ 12.50
Invoking guidance from the ascended masters, oneness with your I AM Presence, integration and creative freedom.

Invocations 02: Protection, Gr...

€ 12.50
Invoking personal protection from Archangel Michael, daily growth, gratitude, acceptance and help for children.

Invocations 01: Protection and...

€ 8.75
A good package for those who are new to invoking light or for those who want a comprehensive package for daily protection, clearance and transmutation. Invocations and decrees to Archangel Michael for protection, Elohim Astrea for cutting you free from li

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