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Loving Yourself is now available as EBOOK and Audio Files

LoveYourselfEPUB AUDIO
"Accepting that you are a son or daughter of God means that you are perfectly able to love yourself. For if you cannot love yourself, then you cannot fully accept that you are a son or daughter of God...."


We are very glad to announce that 3 most popular invocations are now available as a package of  EBOOK and 3 AUDIO FILES.







THE POWER OF SELF is published



 A Practical Guide to knowing the Self by Kim Michaels

Volume 1 from the series "The Path to Self-mastery" is now available as an EBOOK, Softcover and Hardcover color book. It is also available in KINDLE store and will be published in iTunes within a few days.

An inspiring and insightful guide to solving your problems or changing your life by using the creative powers you already have, the Power of Self. The key to unlocking your creative power is to know the self, including its origin and components.Achieving Self-mastery has been an enigmatic quest for humankind for eons. Yet, a few masters have solved the riddle and completed the path to enlightenment. The Power of Self outlines the secrets and principles that these masters have taught about the human mind.






Estonian Koans book is ready and in the stores!



Estonian Koans book is a very special in our collection: It is the first Kim Michaels' book that is printed in color and hardcover. 

It is also designed to be a perfect gift book, being in the nice handy format 180 x 130 mm.

It is also a very special book for another reason: we stood right next to the printer when the printing started! 

'Print Best' Printing house was so kind and invited us to visit their printing facilities in Viljandi on the very day the book was printed. The first image on left shows the first pages out of the printer.

EST Koanid Valguses kõvakaaneline


And here is the end result! "Koanid Maailmavalguse Valguses".


Eestikeelne Koanide raamat on väga eriline meie kollektsioonis kahel põhjusel: See on esimene Kim Michaels'i raamat, mis on trükitud värvilise sisuga ja kõvakaanelisena. Ning see on esimene raamat, mille "sündimise" juures olime me oma silmaga tunnistajateks. Väga eriline on see hetk, kui trükimasinast tulevad uue raamatu esimesed poognad! Ülal on pilt vahetult trükkimise algusest ja alumisel pildil on lõpptulemus! 


Raamat on müügil kõikides Apollo ja Rahva Raamatu poodides, samuti internetilehel.

Siit tellides on hind -20% raamatupoodide hinnast.


Kõvakaaneline formaat 180 x 130 mm

158 lk

ISBN 978-9949-9278-7-6


The Dutch Koans books now available in printed format!

De Koans van Jezus


The Dutch Koans book "De Koans van Jezus" that is translated from Kim Michaels' original "The Jesus Koans" is now available in softbound format. 

"Al je wensen, al je verlangens naar de dingen van de wereld zijn vervangers voor het echte,

innerlijke verlangen van je ziel het verlangen naar vrede. "




print book format 5 x 8 in

154 pages

weight 0,354 lb or 160,5 gr 

ISBN 978-9949-9340-2-7







Kim Michaels BLOG!

Dear all,

We have great news to all fans of Kim Michaels' books - Kim has opened up his BLOG - Kim Michaels BLOG to keep contact and share news about new books, new messages and tools from the Ascended masters. You are welcome to subscribe via RSS.



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