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1st EBOOK in Estonian language!

Dear Estonian customers,

We are happy to announce that ARJ friends in Estonia, Age Lepp and Veronika Leemets, have translated "The Least You Should Know about Life" into Estonian.


The e-book: Algteadmisi elu mõistmiseks is now available in


1st EBOOK in Lithuanian language!

Dear Lithuanian customers,

We are happy to announce that ARJ friends in Lithuania, Taurius Gulbinas and Agne Gulbiene, have translated "The Jesus Koans" into Lithuanian. 


The e-book, "Jezaus Koanai" is now available in 


Our Clients come from 30 countries around the World!

We are glad to announce that More to Life ONLINE store serves clients from 30 countries around the world!

The most exotic countries where our clients come from are:


Hong Kong




New Zealand


South Africa



01st Dec 2011 We have had record high sales volume!

As usual in the end of the year, everyone starts making conclusions about the year that has passed. One of our conclusions is that we can gladly say that our clients appreciate our products highly!

We have had record high sales volume through our online store and also through Amazon. You can see our bestsellers on the HOME page, and Healing Mother Earth has made a tremendous debute! "Thank you" to all our clients, who have found this book useful and have appreciated it highly. 

In Amazon, we have experienced record high sales volume also for Master Keys to Personal Wholeness and Question Every Thing, as these are the books with the most reviews. 

We truly thank everyone who has taken the time to write about their own experiences with these books and have written a review. 

Thank you very much, and we wish you a very happy December 2011! 


24th Nov 2011, The new book Unmasking the EGO is available!

Unmasking_the_EGO_for_kindle We are glad to share that a new book about the human ego is available.

For anyone interested in psychology, self-help, spirituality and mysticism, the ego is a topic that inevitably comes up. 

You can buy our new book Unmasking the EGO from our store, but also from Kindle Store and from ITunes store. 



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