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Beautiful guitar music and Archangel songs

September 30th, 2012.

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Ranno Nurmsaar is an accomplished Estonian guitarist and singer, who has created a beautiful melody for the Archangel Michael and Archangel Jophiel decrees, Elohim Hercules and Elohim Apollo decrees. He playes the guitar and sings, while 11 year old Carolyn accompanies him with her truly angelic voice.


The Fifth ray toolkit available!

We are very glad to announce the availability of the fifth ray toolkit! Traditionally, the fifth ray qualities are seen as truth and vision—yet vision of what? The fifth ray is the seat of single vision, as illustrated by Jesus in the remark: “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” The single-eyed vision is the Christ vision, which sees beyond duality. This is based on the realization that ANY expression of “truth” in the material world is less than the Spirit of Truth, and thus one must look beyond ANY outer expression in order to experience truth.

5th_Ray_toolkit_s Toolkit consists of 10 dowloadable audio files and 1 downloadable ebook. Welcome to share and to buy!


Search for the Great Truths

GreatTruthsCOVER The Edgars Imants Siliņš' book “Search for the Great Truths” presents a collection of philosophical essays on the history of paradigms and ideas. Professor Edgars Imants Siliņš (Edgar Silinsh) is the most cited Latvian scientist in the world and the most popular and world-acclaimed Latvian physicist. E Siliņš has defined the scientific basis for the physics of organic molecular crystals and created framework of electronic-state energetic-structure physics of organic crystals and physics of photogeneration and transfer mechanisms of charge carriers. The book is addressed to a wide circle of readers interested in modern fundamental philosophical problems about Nature and the human Spirit.

Read more about the author from


First two Volumes of the series of Ascended Master Teachings are ready.

Fallen_Angels_850 Volume 2 of the series of Ascended Master Teachings is ready!

FALLEN ANGELS and the PSYCHOLOGY of CONTROL presents a collection of Ascended Master dictations  - between 2004 and 2011 - that help you recognize and deal with fallen consciousness. Once you understand the psychological mechanism behind it, you will be able to escape this control.

EBOOKSecretPath800x600 Volume 1 of the series of Ascended Master Teachings is ready!

The human ego uses all kinds of tricks to justify its own choices, especially its unwillingness to change. The ego will seek to make you believe that it cannot, is not allowed to or does not need to rise beyond its current level. Thus, in order to rise from one level of consciousness to the next, the you will have to transcend the corresponding aspect of the ego. The SECRET PATH BEYOND the EGO presents a collection of Ascended Master dictations  - between 2004 and 2011 - that help you recognize and deal with ego and the consciousness of separation.


Audio file: Decree to the Great Divine Director

People, who love giving decrees along with Kim Michaels  - a new AUDIO FILE: Decree to the Great Divine Director - is available.


Read more about the decree and how it helps you understand what a divine plan is and how to gain a clear vision of your personal plan.


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