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Download the 3 new invocations now as an EBOOK!

In December the ascended masters  are asking us to give a vigil with the three new invocations:

 Balancing the Seven Rays

 Integrating the Seven Rays

 Expressing the Seven Rays

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Give all three invocations once a day if possible. 

To celebrate the beginning of the Christmas month - December and to express our deepest gratitude for all those people who have participated in World vigil during 2012, we give you an ebook with the text of the invocations for FREE. Download it here! 

If you prefer to give invocations along with the recordings, you can buy the audio recordings here

During this month it is recommended to  give the decree to Astrea at least 9 times per day and give any of the decrees to the seven rays or to the Maha Chohan as many times as you like. Select the decree that you prefer based on your experience with the previous decree vigils.


The Jesus Koans by Kim Michaels is now also available in Dutch!

Thank you, Tineke van der Zee! The Dutch Koans book is now ready.

"De Koans van Jesus" is the Dutch translation from "The Jesus Koans" by Kim Michaels.

De Koans van Jezus copy

We are glad to announce that "De Koans van Jezus" is waiting for the Dutch audience. Currently available in our Store as EBOOK (epub format) and through From our store you are able to download the Sample epub. The printed book will be available soon!


The new website about making Peace with Jesus by Kim Michaels!

Welcome to the new Make Peace with Jesus website by Kim Michaels!


Planet earth is presently at a rather low level of its cosmic evolution. This planet has made the considerable sacrifice to serve as a home for people who are still in a rather low state of consciousness, giving them an opportunity to live out that mindset until they have hopefully had enough and want more. 

Why do you need to make peace with Jesus?

Because no matter where you have grown up – in a Christian or non-christian culture – you have been given a false image of Jesus and his mission.

And the real problem is that this has also caused you to accept a false image of yourself, an image that limits your life experience and that will prevent you from following his example. 

The new website contains material related to Inner Teachings of Jesus, Path of Christhood and False Christianity



The new Ascended Master Answer website!



Welcome to the new website by Kim Michaels!








This website is one of the largest resources for spiritual seekers available on the internet. by Kim Michaels contains a huge amount of material on a wide variety of topics.

The new website contains material related to spiritualitypractical life and world affairs. Whatever your interest, you are sure to find profound and practical teachings that will enhance your personal path towards a higher state of cosnciousness.





HARD-BOUND Books arrived!

October 10th, 2012

For those who like to revise every once in a while the amazing series of the Master Keys books, we have great news - in our new HARD-BOUND section they are all available with high-quality print and a reasonable price!

Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom

Master Keys to the Abundant Life

Master Keys to Personal Christhood

Master Keys to Personal Wholeness!

Also Healing Mother Earth is available as HARD-BOUND.




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